Things You Need To Know Before Installing Hardwood Flooring?

Hardwood is the perfect choice if you want a durable, elegant, and nice-looking flooring for your home. However, it is quite expensive and it needs to be properly maintained and cared for in order for it to last for generations. Here are a few things that you should know before investing in hardwood flooring.

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According to Gary Tremblay, everyone in the house including your animals can constantly bring in some small dirt particles from time to time. These particles are considered as small grits of sandpaper which can dramatically damage the hardwood polyurethane finish over time and can as well minimize its lifespan.

Care and maintenance

In order for the hardwood flooring to retain its quality and beauty for a longer period of time, Tremblay suggests that homeowners should clean it regularly using recommended wood flooring cleaner only.


Small dirt and dust particles should be removed with the use of a soft broom, dust mop, or vacuum cleaner whichever is available.
Use an area rug to protect your flooring especially on high traffic areas.

Cut down the exposure of the hardwood to the sunlight by using window treatments. Exposing your hardwood to the sunlight can dramatically fade its stain or color.

Do not wear and walk on the floor with disrepair high heel shoes, sports cleats, and other spiked shoes to avoid permanent scratches and dents. Tremblay also recommends attaching protector pads to furniture and refraining from dragging objects across the floor.
Do not let spills stay on the floor for a long period of time to prevent staining and damaging both the finish and the wood. Clean the spills with a dry or damp cloth as soon as possible.

Although using a steam or wet mop is not recommended for wood flooring, mopping it with a mixture of water and vinegar once in a week can help thoroughly clean its surface without damaging it and making it look dull over time.

Recoating or refinishing

Depending on its condition, a simple screening and recoating of polyurethane finish can help a damaged flooring. This works best not only for lightly scuffed floors but also for those that need a slight makeover. However, if the floor’s color has already faded out or perhaps it already displays some visible damages, then sanding and refinishing would be more appropriate and would best help the floor in getting back its former glory.

Remember, how your hardwood floor looks and how long it would last basically depend on how you care and maintain it.

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