6 Simple Ways To Maintain The Beauty and Glow Of Your Hardwood Floors

For some people, keeping hardwood floors looking new for long is quite a challenge. The fact is, there are simple ways to maintain the beauty of your floors. You just have to be mindful and you have to be aware of these easy and simple ways. So, how can you maintain the beauty of your hardwood flooring?

Aside from being a nice addition to your home’s value, hardwood flooring is also easy to maintain, durable, and visually attractive. It is also the healthiest and the most environmentally friendly flooring material available today. The best thing about hardwood flooring is that it can last for generations. These are just some of the primary reasons why a lot of homeowners prefer hardwood for their floors over the other types of flooring materials.


Just like any other flooring materials, hardwood can also get discolored and dingy as it ages. As its glossy finish suffers from the usual wear and tear, your floor will look dirty and dull no matter how well you clean it. Here’s how you can maintain your floor’s look.

Leave your shoes outside

This can be quite tedious especially if you are not yet used to it. But believe me, it will do you a favor. Your shoes, even if they do not have spikes or heels, can still cause scratches, and dents on your flooring. The debris, mud and other small particles that your shoes have accumulated will not only make your floor dirty, they will also damage your floor’s shiny finish.

Avoid walking in heels


High heels shoes are among the mortal enemies of hardwood floors. Wearing high heels shoes while inside your house can damage your floor as they can cause scratches and dents. So, better wear them outside your house if you don’t want them to cause damage to your investment.

Clean your floor frequently

The best way to keep your flooring look new for generations is to always keep it always clean. Although you can have your floor cleaned only once or twice a week, sweeping or vacuuming it on a daily basis will ensure you that the dust, small debris, and other small particles are kept at bay.


Use rugs

High traffic areas are usually the first to wear out. Be sure to use rugs in high traffic areas like in your kitchen, and front door.


Use small furniture protection pads


Attach small protection pads to the part of your furniture that touches the floor. Using protection pads will safeguard your floors from scratches when you move your furniture from one place to another and when it is stationed in a single area for an extended period of time.

Wipe away water and moisture

Water is the number one enemy of hardwood. To avoid discoloration, keep your floor away from too much moisture, water, and other liquids. Wipe away spills with the use of a clean damp cloth or a dry mop as soon as you notice them.

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